AFKN lost a much-admired friend and leader this summer with the departure to OCINFO of Public Affairs Officer, Colonel Walter N. Moore. At Kimpo, as we saw him off, Colonel Moore asked me to relay his thanks to all those AFKNers he was not able to talk to personally before his departure.

The new Public Affairs Officer, Colonel Leonard Dileanis,has already met many of the AFKN personnel here at Headquarters. Colonel Dileanis earned his masters degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin last year. He is a Korea veteran, having served with KMAG from 1957 to 1958.

This is my first opportunity to welcome in print our new Deputy Commander, Air Force Captain Robert Groom. Captain Groom, who last served as Information Officer at Ent Air Force Base in Colorado, is no stranger to AFRTS. From 1964-1965, he was associated with the system in his assignment at Wheelus Air Base in Libya.

My thanks to all who participated in the two-week training program for the 206th Command Information Detachment. By all counts, the exercise was an unqualified success, not only for the reservists but also for many of us who wear our uniforms the year round. A special word of thanks must go to LT Thomas Anderson, who spent many hectic hours arranging the administrative details.

I am happy to report that many of the components for our new microwave system have arrived; installation should begin shortly. In addition to improving our signal and the Network's flexibility, the new microwave links will! allow VAGABOND FM to begin stereo broadcasts.

And finally, my congratulations to our secretary, Miss Helen Hackmann, for receiving a Certificate of Outstanding Performance. All of us at AFKN realize that Helen is a prime force in keeping the Network operating.


Program Director of Far East Network, Mr John Buey, spent a weekend of temporary duty with AFKN. As an old associate and companion of AFKN's Commanding Officer and Production Chief, LTC Gunse11 and Ed Masters, the time was spent in swapping old tales as well as discussions and comparisons of present output. Far East Network Headquarters is in Camp Drake, Japan.


The 206th Command Information Detachment, Radio Station, an Army Reserve Unit from Ann Arbor, Michigan, took its active duty training with the Radio Network for a two-week period in June. The experience was mutually beneficial and all concerned were agreed that the training exercise was successful. Having entertained three such units in 1969, AFKN's preparation and training schedules this year applied the lessons learned from the prior periods.


AFKN secured a (Gates) automated FM Stereo Unit, and some 96 hours worth of music, this summer. The equipment has been installed in Studio B and is undergoing testing at this time. SFC John Tibbedeaux and SP4 Bob Williams went to AFVN Vietnam for ten days of TDY, to study the AFVN operation of identical units. Our unit is being operated, part-time, on a monaural basis, and will go stereo when additional equipment (Microwave and Transmitter) is installed. AFRTS-LA will send additional tapes of music on a regular basis (14-inch reels, four-track, 3-3/4 IPS) to feed the automated monster.


One of the genuine old-timers communicated with AFKN recently. He is Harold (Hal) Tate1 who had a tour or two with AFKN many years ago and spent the bulk or his military career in AFRTS. Hal retired from the Army and is working as News Director of KYSN, Colorado Springs. At least three personnel on the AFKN staff currently are ex-co-workers with Mr Tate1: Deputy CO, Captain Robert Groom, SGM Bill Alexander, and Production Chier, Ed Masters.

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Another veteran-veteran of the AFRTS system, Bill Mansfield, who was with Hal Tatel in FEN and AFKB in earlier days has also retired from the Army and is still in the broadcasting business. Bill is on the technical staff of the NAB, and can always be found behind the scenes at Convention Headquarters.

Bruce Jed, AFKN 1968-69, has formed his own firm, LIFESTYLE 70, representing the progressive rock concept to FM stations coast to coast..... 1LT Cal Arnold is proving to be an enterprising recruiting officer for AFKN, from his perch as TV Officer, Department of Instruction, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Every now and then, the CO of AFKN answers letters from young lieutenants, broadcast-trained, who write, "Cal Arnold says you may be in need of my services." Lt Arnold was Admin Officer for AFKN.

SFC Pete Richards is back in the TV business after a tour with AFKN Radio. Pete is at Fort Monmouth, pumping out training film or Video Tapes, and putting in spare hours with such activities as church and scouting Jim Thompson is back in Minnesota after a tour with AFKN News/Sports. He is working part-time at a C&W Radio Station in St Paul, while going to school.

Dick Mallary wrote from South Weymouth, Mass. After leaving AFKN a couple years ago, he did a stint in recruiting, went back to college, is now teaching Radio and Communications and has acquired a wife..... Another ex-7lR from the Mallary era is Steve Hewey, still working for the Polk publishers in Oakland. On an evening of reminiscing recently, Steve talked by phone with Pete Esker (in the PAO for the Joint Commands) and Ed Masters. Steve stays in touch with Mo Reardon (Boston area) and Kevin Kelley (Springfield, Mass).... Word arrived that Mark Yother, who changed from an AF uniform into civies, is now a newsman in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Ex-Secretary at AFKN, Sue Cox, presented husband Terry and the world with eight-and-a-half pounds of Jennifer on June 3rd. They live in Fairfield, California.

MSG Jerry Clark dropped a line from the Army Hour, where he spends his duty hours. He mentioned Jim Reader, Pete Richards, Dick Yarnall, Ed Webb and Jud Booth as other alumni he has been in touch with. Jerry makes periodic visits to Korea when he appears on the PENTAGON FORUM panel.

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AF TSG Ed Webb sent in a formal complaint about not receiving the June and July NEWSLETTERs. Neither did anyone else; this is the first issue since May. Ed is with his family in Big Spring, Texas; he is in AF recreational work; and is making post-retirement plans for next year..... Ed writes that AF Sgt Dick Yarnell is now a married man, works at the Dow AFB Film Library, and should make E5 next month.

TSG Webb's letter has tidings about two other ex-AFKN TSGs: Bob Batten, who commanded Radio COMET in Osan, is NCOIC of the PR Division, 10 Shop, Offut AFB, Nebraska. Also at Offut is Don Fortney, who is in charge of running films in the SAC Briefing Room.


The Admin Section has had no interruptions in the routine work schedule since the last NEWSLETTER. There have been no major catastrophes, even with the addition of the 206th Public Information Detachment for two weeks. I

Thanks to the cooperative 2d Infantry Division, we have a new face in the Unit Supply Room. He is SSG Norman R. Lucas who has taken over for the departed Sgt Gallagher. It was a pleasant surprise to "Appropriate" such an experienced supply sergeant: his knowledge and desire to do a good job are already improving the supply operation. WELCOME, SSG LUCAS!!


SFC Willard Baker of AFN (Europe) arrived and has been assigned as Station Commander at South Post. SFC Henry Fernsler arrived from Fort Gordon, Georgia, and is assigned as Station Commander, Hill 343. SFC John Tibbedeaux reported in from the Canal Zone and will take over the Network Maintenance Facility. SFC Willis Johnson who comes to the Network trom Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, will assume duties as Station Commander, Hwaaksan. SSG Lewis Sharpe, previously assigned at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, has been assigned to Hwaaksan. SSG George Hickman came in from Fort McPherson and is at South Post for duty. Technical Sergeant Francisco Trevino arrived from Lackland AFB and is assigned as Station Commander, Richmond.

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SFC Ralph Thompson, who served as the Area Commander for Taegu has returned to CONUS to attend Orange State College's (Calif) data systems school. SFC Robert Hall of Hwaaksan and Richmond has PCSd to Fort Bragg, N.C. MSG Phillip Bagato from Network Maintenance and Operations Office, has returned to Fort Monmouth as the chief military instructor at the TV school.

SFC Ralph Thompson is to be commended on his MOS proficiency test score. He has the distinction of attaining the highest score in the Army for his MOS.

The FM Stereo Multiplex equipment for the headquarters arrived. The system was completely checked out and installed in Studio B by a Network Maintenance team headed by SFC Cline. Installation required complete rewiring of the studio, including a new patch panel and console configuration. Personnel are commended for an outstanding and expeditious job.

Most of the new Lenkurt microwave equipment has already arrived; and is currently undergoing initial inspection.


Among the new additions to the "Now Sound of 70" is Sp4 Mitch Craig. Hailing from Louisiana and formerly of KYSN and Pepper-Tanner, Inc., he is filling in as utilityman right now and hopes to find himself on a steady shift he can call "home" soon.

SP4 Keith Adams (who says he got his MOS of 71R when someone asked him what he wanted to be and he answered, in a deep voice, "I Wanna be a disc jockey") is attending "Mini-DINFOS" Class Number 1-71 now being given by everyone at headquarters.... at least, everyone's throwing in his 2 cents worth.

PFC Bob Hoffman, a recent graduate of the real DINFOS, although a teacher by choice, is holding down the afternoon slot for AFKN-FM.

SP5 hopeful Paul Irish recently switched from Net TV to Radio and is joining the Homesteading crew at Pusan-by-the-beach.

SP4s Larry Bly and John Mike Elder stepped out to Japan for 20 days - they dropped a couple of postcards our way and it seems they feasted on the movie "Woodstock" and a live performance by the 5th Dimension, but due to a cancellation by the Japanese Government, missed out on a possible rock concert. Since Keith Adams was filling in the "Bly Guy" slot, we felt it only fitting that he use the rest of Larry's post card as material.

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Sp4 Bob Williams (summer-replacement for both the Southern Gentleman and the ROK Jock) and SFC Tibbedeaux stepped a bit further and made it to Vietnam. Hopefully they will learn enough from AFVN in Saigon to keep our new Stereo FM Automation programmed and in repair while we attempt to get another microwave channel in the air.

SSgt Bruce Dortin recently took over the reins as Vagabond Station Commander. The first thing Bruce did was give himself a two-week vacation (in the office "shaping things up") except, of course, during weekly Soul Spectaculars.

SPS Roger Schulman is spending a lot of time at the local pools1de. He says there are other motives involved but Brother Boss say Roger "...will do anything just to get a li'l soul."

A1C Lee Linkous (AFKN-FM PD) has the "Monster," sometimes known by other affectionate terms, in pretty good shape. They still stay up Itil wee hours of the morning arguing over who is program-directing who. Lee has "...a big hunk" of the groundwork done for his extensive program change involving some good listening for us here in the Seoul area (and eventually the entire Republic).

PFC Jim Hansel is holding down about 4 different slots including some AM, FM, library and special events work plus pulling CQ about every other day. A1C Steve Mickelson is trying to handle the Special Events Department, but, as usual, has too many things going at once and cannot seem to get any of them finished.

NCOIC of Net Radio, SFC Bill Branyan has been "visiting/inspecting" (call it "vacationing") at the outlying stations along with LTC Gunsell; our new DCO, Capt Robert Groom; and MSG Alexander.

A1C Brian Blazer and Sgt John Pace, both from Net News, and Sp4 Cal Grace from Net TV, have all been sneaking over to the Radio Section helping to shape up the "Sound of 70."

Les "ROK Jock" Robinson made it back to the land of the "Mee-Gook," much to the disappointment of the OB Bear, the OB Cabin, Myong-Dong-Po, etc. Lea is apparently going to reside in Indianapolis and think about maybe coming back to Korea.

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Don "DJ" Johnston departed after four slight delays, one of which kept him among us for an extra 10 days. Don may be joining the staff of WCAR in Detroit or staying in the Tenino, Washington, area.

Last but not to be slighted because of it, Tony "Southern Gentleman" Booth was last seen mailing airchecks from Kimpo and then heard of by way of postcard. Tony was sincere in thanking all those in the Network for all the help and experience he received.


Radio HOMESTEADER laments the loss of its station commander, SSG Bob Lohr, who rotated to an assignment at Fort Riley, Kansas, arter spending several happy years in the Republic. We will sorely miss SSG Lohr's diligence in solving "Stars and Stripes" crossword puzzles.

Our five-minute ladies' program "Hialeah Highlights," which is aired four times weekly, now has a new hostess and a radically different accent. Mrs Betty Gillis of Boston, the wife of LBC Detachment KMAG's deputy commander, replaces Mrs Janie Head, a young orficer's wife and former Miss America contestant. Mrs Head has returned to her home state of Kentucky. Bye bye, y'all.

On July 29 at 5:05, we aired a 55-minute classical music special entitled "Music's Other Face." It was hosted by Chaplain (Major) Francis Hajtas, whose own distinctive accent (in this case, Hungarian) lent a definite continental air to the program. Chaplain Hajtas' background includes a master's degree in musicology rrom the Papal University in Rome, leading operatic roles in Europe and New York, and an announcing stint with Vatican Radio. Production of the program was handled by A1C George Glass.

Television lost one of its engineers in June to Highpoint Microwave Relay - Sp5 Albert Beutler. Radio's chief (or rather, only) engineer Sp4 Ron Johnson is currently enjoying a 30-day leave, which he elected to spend touring Korea and Japan. Sp4 Paul Irish, who just made the trip south from Network Headquarters, will take up where Sp5 Roger Kohagen left off. Roger is on his way north and then west to ETS.

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Highlighting the summer in Taegu was the completion of our KILROY Public Pulse Survey, two KORSCOM baseball games, a blood drive, some personnel changes and the appearance of the New Christy Minstrels.

On 17 June, Sgt Mike Soper did a taped play-by-play of the KORSCOM-I Corps baseball game at Taegu City Stadium. Since we had no remote line to the Stadium, we taped the game and broadcast it that night. SSG Britton and Mr Jack Muhlenbeck, KORSCOM Information Office, helped out with color while our electronic wizard, Mr Yi, handled the tape recorder. A week later, SSG Roy Berg provided play-by-play for the KORSCOM-7th Division game. Again, we taped it for later broadcast.

Near the end of June, we finished tabulating the results of our Radio KILROY Public Pulse Listener Survey which we conducted during May and the first week in June. Everyone on the Kilroy staff worked hard on this, especially our KILROY part-timer, sp4 Byron Maddox, who designed the Public Pulse form and sent TWXs to the local commanders urging their support.

The final results indicated that soldiers 18-25 years old preferred rock and progressive rock while those over 26 liked more easy listening and country and western music. A majority of listeners preferred two extended newscasts in the morning while a small majority of the audience preferred the present "Play Them All" format over block programing.

We sent out 3500 Public Pulse Surveys and received back 434. Forms were distributed in companies, clubs and PXs, and in the Daily Bulletin.

Taegu held a Blood Drive which ended with a total of 284 pints collected in three days - 100 pints more than in the previous drive held in this area. We utilized the "Platters for Pints" format which was successful. All KILROY staff, including SP4 Nate Oeser, A1C Phil Favreau, Mr Yi, Miss Han and our parttimer sp4 Maddox, participated in some phase of the drive. SP4 Oeser and SFC Thompson even gave blood for this worthwhile cause.

Air Force lLT Silow and TSG Lewis visited the station in July. They are the new Information Office personnel at Taegu Air Base.

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Another big event for us was the New Christy Minstrels performance in Taegu at Camp Henry's Parade Field. With our faithful Ampex 602 tape recorder and Gates Dymo Remote Amplifier in hand, we taped their performance for later broadcast. About 1300 fans watched and enjoyed the show. KILROY personnel involved with the taping included SSG Britton, SP4 Oeser and Mr Yi.

The Taegu Area Commander, SFC Ralph Thompson, left late in July to attend a civilian-type college in California. He has been replaced by SFC Johnie Whalem. And SP5 Adam Sadowski who has ETSd out of Taegu TV has been replaced by PFC John Roskowski.


An especially high personnel turnover rate in Network News has kept AFKN listeners and viewers on their toes this summer.

Included in the loss column are NCOIC, SSG Bob Larry Ford, and the entire sports department. Bob Larry and sports director, SSG Roy Berg, left on the same day to return to the States and ETS. Bob Larry is back in Indiana now and Roy will be attending the University of Oregon. A few days later, the other half of the sports department - Sgt Mike Soper - left for his new assignment at Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin, Texas.

The sports department was kept going by PFC Howard Halperin of Atlanta, Georgia, who arrived at AFKN in July, Sgt John Pace of Redbank, New Jersey, who also joined AFKN in July, and SP5 Ken Sturzenacker of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, who arrived at AFKN in mid-August after having served at the KORSCOM Information Office in Taegu. AFKN's Deputy CO, Capt Robert Groom, helped out during the transition. Howard and John have been doing their share of work in news, too.

Elsewhere in the News Division, Air Force Sgt Don Andrews returned to the States and is now stationed at Williams Air Force Base in Phoenix.

Sgt Hong Sung Duk is again a civilian, reportedly living in Seoul and staying well away from Panmunjom. Taking his place is CPL Hwang, Seung Shik, who came from the 24th Psychological Operations Detachment (VUNC) at Yongsan.

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AFKN benefited from the loss of the American Forces Thai Network in getting PFC Richard McCarthy and SSgt Frank Stanton (No, not THAT Frank Stanton!!). Frank could only stand the "hill" life for one day. After completing that much of his tour,he went on 30 days leave to his home in California.

Air Force Sgt Charlie Matflerd of Utica, New York, came to Korea in May and wasted no time getting acclimated to some traditional overseas customs. Charlie took over Newsbeat Korea and has been doing a commendable job though he is perhaps better known for his stock market reporting.

Charlie and SP4 Paul Irish from Net Radio did a couple of interesting interviews recently with Ann-Margret and Pat Boone. After the Ann-Margret interview, the crew got a little over-anxious in "policing up" equipment and walked off with Roger Smith's (Ann-Margret's husband) camera bag. A mad dash to Kimpo managed to return the camera equipment to its rightful owner before his plane left for Hawaii. When Paul handed him the bag, Smith quickly checked to make sure it also still contained his wife's $5,000 diamond broach.

SP5 John Jessup has again been on stage, this time in late August performances of "The Caretaker." After that, John figured he deserved a vacation, so he went to Hawaii to meet his wife, Linda. SP4 Dick Nelson also has been on leave this month, in Japan. AIC Brian Blazer will meet his wife in Tokyo during September.

There have been two promotions in the News Division, Bob Larry Ford and Bud Veazey both getting SSG stripes. Bud has taken over Bob Larry's job as NCOIC.


Despite monsoon weather hotter than hades, inspections, and personnel changes, there was no summer hiatus for AFKN Network Television.

TV got off to a running start by telecasting Eighth Army baseball games from Yongsan, RC 1, Camp Casey, and Camp Red Cloud. Games were taped in TV's much-traveled remote van and aired later the same or following day. Baring generator outages, road hazards and fowl farms, crews from TV production and TV control will hit the road again this fall, ready to punch up the pigskin.

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Biggest AFKN TV production this summer was the popular New Christy Minstrels show carried "live" throughout the Republic of Korea. The telecast was a resounding success albeit long pre-production hours and set-up difficultes. Production personnel included Capt LaPorte, producer; SSG Cash, director; Specialist Russo, TD; Specialists Luciano, Mathes and Keneborus, cameramen; Specialists Kokoczka and Norton, audiomen; and Sgt Weinstein, floor director. Video technicians were SFC Marcum, Sgt Crane, Specialist Chin and Airman Bonelli. SFC Baker and Specialist Foster from the Maintenance Shop provided the microwave shot to AFKN's TV transmitter site. A great job was done by all.

A summer-long heterogeneous blend of sounds has emanated from the TV studio during tapings of "Showcase" programs. Groups appearing on the weekly variety series have ranged from several youthful USO shows to kenetic Tahitian dancers, to a traditional Korean song and dance program.

Special interview programs also fared well on TV this summer. The Honorable Roger T. Kelley, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, made a distinguished appearance on INQUIRY.

An interview with Pat Boone covered subjects dealing with student dissent, patriotism, and his white buck shoes. The interview was a production "first" for AFKN-TV - a simultaneous taping of Pat Boone's interview, outside, from remote van facilities while a USO show was being taped from studio facilities.

During the international Poets, Editors and Novelists (PEN) Conference held in Seoul, TV was furtunate to tape a probing interview with author John Updike, of recent Couples fame. Interviewing were Specialists Hersey, Luciano and Lederer who discussed the lost generation and the role of humor in helping solve political crises. USIS in Korea kinescoped the program for subsequent release.

All told - a rewarding summer.

Here is the latest on personnel changes in Network TV and TV Control.

SP5 Lee Buckwalter left us after sending out job notes to almost every TV station in the States. SSG Rich Lytle also left in mid-July...ror a happy family reunion and reassignment to

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White Sands, New Mexico. New members of the TV team have been coming in over the months: Specialist Bob Bielak and Dale Luciano, and PFC Walt Grabowski are now the men who take over from soon-to-depart SSG Dave Cash and sp5 Dana Hersey. Further losses in September are SP5 Eric Mathes, SP5 Dennis Kokoczka and SP4 Georgo Keneborus...the old team leaves with many memories of past glories, which hopefully will be believed by prospective employers.

Airman Rich Bonelli just returned from mid-tour leave and a Visit with his new dependent "Chris" weighing in at 6 pounds - Congratulations, Rich!

Specialist Jerry McKee is now at AFKN Richmond Site repairing projectors! etc. "Smiley" Valdez carried his smile south to Richmond to help Jerry.

New arrivals in TV Control are PFC Jim Griffin and Specialist Ed Wirth who come to us from Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Welcome. This should be a good tour for both of them. Jim has his wife, Pat, with him. Ed has not missed going to the "Ville" one night yet.

Sgt Dave Crane is still walking around saying "I'm oudda here." With six month to go? SFC Jim Marcum's "turtle" has arrived, but he is apparently the only one that knows it because they sent SFC Willey Johnson to Hwaaksan. How about that, Chief?

Specialist Danney Chin is taking another leave to Japan - we wonder if he has something going for him over there - how about it, Dan?

Specialist Cal Grace is probably the most sought after personality on the "Hill"; i.e., first in TV Production then TV ontrol sl1ckied him then Radio tried to slicky him - now Production wants him back; a bid from News?

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