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posted on: Tue Aug 27 21:35:54 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: Advanced Combat Training Academy (ACTA)
TIME SERVED: 1966-1970

I was an instructor with ACTA from 1966 to 1969, Returning to ACTA 1971 If you were a student or a member of ACTA Please contact me so i can add your name to the list on my website
I myself remember some long day and nights on the DMZ, have never forgot it. Had some good times and bad times

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posted on: Tue Aug 27 00:42:52 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 2/9th Infantry
TIME SERVED: 1966-1970

Hello Imjin Scouts!

So much has happened the past couple weeks, I don't know where to begin. Let's start with the Member Commendation Award received last week from the Korea Defense Veterans of America. If you would like to have a look at the award and my message, please go to

Please also have a look at which is a summary of the current efforts of the KDVA in securing for all of us the recognition we so very much deserve. The Korea Defense Service Medal legislation that the KDVA has shepherded through Congress is now in the final stages of the legislative process. It's review by conference committee is the last phase of this process. If you can take a minute to read through these pages and help out, it could make the difference.

Now for some for really exciting information about recent additions to the site. You will notice a new look and feel on the site. This includes a spruced up homepage and a new logo, which in addition to being our new logo and symbol of the site, is a navigation tool. Clicking on it anywhere, will take you back to the homepage.

As many of you know, there has been a lot of chatter on the site about the origin of the Imjin Scout certificate and the insignia. This includes its actual origin as well as what the criteria were for its award. We also recently had a posting in the Guestbook from an active duty soldier at JSA asking whether the Imjin Scout Award still existed. So we have been trying to nail down just from whence it came and whatever became of it.

Just when I began to wonder if these questions would ever be answered, manna fell from the sky. I am not just talking about the recollections and opinions of old soldiers (because God knows we old soldiers often have lapses in memory, my old buddy called them brain farts).

I heard from Thomas Ridenour in Hawaii telling me about his collection of memorabilia from Korea. This includes a couple of Stars & Stripes articles and lots of photographs. You don't want to miss this collection. It inludes an article on the Advanced Combat Training Academy. This is a must see: I also received a Stars & Stripes article from former SGT Ron Rice which was written at the time the Imjin Scout award originated. You can find it at: This was followed by an email from John Putt III at KDVA telling me he had 2ID Regulation 672-3 revealing the current status of the Imjin Scout Certificate. You'll want to see this too:

Now for the icing on the cake. I got word from Rick Langdon that a gentleman had left a posting on his site stating that he had designed the orginal Imjin Scout patch and help set up the ACTA school at Camp Sitman. This gentleman was none other than former Lieutenant Stuart Jamison. When I contacted him he forwarded me a copy of an article he wrote about the origin of the Imjin Scout program and the establishment of ACTA. This is a first class piece of journalism which is scheduled to appear in the Journal of the American Society of Military Insignia Collectors (ASMIC) in 1Q03. This is a must read:

I know I sound like a kid in a candy store but and I feel like it. I must admit that for a long while I have been quite fulfilled waxing nostalgia with all of you but putting our story in historical perspective puts all of our work on the site in new light.

Rather than babble on about all of the cool stuff that we have had bestowed on us recently, why don't you come visit the site? Don't miss the "Contributions" section which has several new postings: These include postings by Bill Beaver, Rob Poorman, John Putt III, Thomas Ridenour, and the Stuart Jamison article on the origin of the Imjin Scout.

Keep sending in material for posting and, KEEP UP THE FIRE!

Don M. Lopez
CWO, Retired

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posted on: Mon Aug 26 23:21:08 EDT 2002


Good job. Keep up the Fire. Regards, Bob

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