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posted on: Fri Sep 20 13:23:42 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 10th Engineer, C Bn, 3ID
TIME SERVED: 1950-1955

I am not an Imjin Scout. Like a lot of other people I had forgotten your service & contributions. I served with Company A, 10th Engr. C Bn., 3rd Infantry Division from 10-52 until 10-53. Exploring your site brings back a lot of memories, good & bad. Thank you!!

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posted on: Thu Sep 19 17:44:58 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 2/38th Infantry
TIME SERVED: 1966-1970

Wow, I thought that the guys who served in Korea were a forgetten bunch. I served in the 2nd Infantry Div, in 1967-68 and pulled many a patrol and spent many a night in holes along the DMZ. The only reason I found out about this site was my son was doing a report for school and needed to interview someone and chose me. He asked about my time in the army, which I gladly told him. He then came back and told me about this website. It's nice to see that we were not forgotten about. Just wondering if there are any guys from the 2nd/38th Inf who served in 1967-68 still hanging around this old life. Man its been a long time since I thought of korea. Still cant believe i found this website.

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posted on: Mon Sep 16 22:22:09 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 6/37th Artillery
TIME SERVED: 1971-1975

What a great site! I'm honored to be here. I was originally assigned to 6/80 Arty, 7th ID, Camp Knox, PobWonNi in Jul70 as a cannoneer on a eight inch gun but because of the close out of the 7th, I did duty as Bn Courier, Mail, S-1, and Nuclear Assembly Team .... I was busy! After the colors of the seventh were sent back to Ft. Ord, about Fef 71, I was reassigned to 6/37th Arty, 2nd ID Camp Essayons, Ui Jong Bu. I recall we had real eggs at that Camp!! I have mixed feelings about my duty in Korea ... it was diffinatly a hardship tour and on a few occasions it diffinatley got "hot". Because my units were South of the Imjim (Pob-Won-Ni is next to Munsan-ni), we were denied two essintials ... bullets and combat pay!! I guess it goes back to the saying "You had to be there!" I say again, "Great site!!". Randy Eads ... "On the Minute"

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