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posted on: Wed Aug 21 12:02:49 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 3/32nd Infantry, 7ID
TIME SERVED: 1966-1970

Great site! I was in the 3/32nd Infantry,7TH ID during the period 1967-68. We were at Camp Matta during the winter of 67/68. I earned my Imjin Scout Badge while there. Would be great to hear from other Badgers. r3

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posted on: Tue Aug 20 05:33:56 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 2/9th Infantry
TIME SERVED: 1966-1970

Hello Imjin Scouts!

After Thomas Ridenour's first visit to the site and our exchange of email, he bestowed on us a truly remarkable collection of Imjin Scout memorabilia. This collection is very interesting as it tells the story of the oft discussed but not well understood school for Imjin Scouts. Thomas has provided us the name of the school, a Stars & Stripes article about the school, as well as his own recollections. What a great find for the site. You don't want to miss this. You can the find the intro and a link to his collection at

Also this week I received a copy of 2ID Reg 672-3 which addresses current policy on the Imjin Scout Award as well as a copy of a Stars & Strips article written at the time the Imjin Scout Award was first introduced.

I hope you enjoy these new finds and that they motivate you to dig through old boxes for your own memorabilia. Remember, we would love to share your pictures and memorabilia with the others. Links to these new items can be found in the updated "IMJIN SCOUT" menu choice on the homepage or directly at


-Don Lopez

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posted on: Wed Aug 14 17:19:54 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 7/17th Artillery
TIME SERVED: 1966-1970

Great site. It's always good to hear from other Imjin Scouts. I served with the second infantry division in 67/68 went to ATCA in march of 67. I was assigned to the seven/seventeenth artillery. We pulled patrols and night stakeouts both north and south of the river. If any of you were there during the blue house raid I would very much like to hear from you. If any of you are looking for a source to get IMJIN patches let me know.

Thomas Ridenour
Regional Director
U.S. territories
Korean Defense Veterans of America

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