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posted on: Fri Aug 30 20:10:12 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 3/23rd Infantry
TIME SERVED: 1966-1970

was scout with 3/23 inf 2nd platoon 69-70 some of the action i saw wasn't supposed to happen

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posted on: Fri Aug 30 14:19:24 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 2/12th Cavalry
TIME SERVED: 1961-1965

Hello Don,

First, congratulations on a very fine site. Well done!!! Just a note to say it must be extremely nice to have something like an Imjin Scout certificate and badge to look back on. I wish those of us who preceded you had something of that nature. Unfortunately about all we had to signify where we were and what we did was our RCN patch and since no one back at that time appeared to give a fat rats ass about the responsibility we had and the duties we performed honorably, most of us,(myself included) just removed our patches when we were leaving country and gave them to the guys who needed them. Don't take this to mean we weren't justifyable proud of that patch. Only that we knew nobody outside the Div. area knew what it stood for. I was among those lucky enough to have an extra 90 days tacked onto our tours. I spent almost a year and a half in BLV, home to your 2/38th Inf. We only had 4 line companies and what in the TO&E was specified as a mortar section, which in actuality was Combat Support Co. and made up of a Hq. Plt. (cooks,clerks,mechanics, etc.), assault gun Plt., 4.2 Mortar Plt. and Recon. (my Plt.) we were the only ones qualified and authorized to wear the RCN patch. We were made up of an infantry sqd./w M113 APC, 81mm mortar sqd./w M113, scout section (my section)/w 3 gun jeeps, tank section w/2 tanks, and Plt. Leader. As members of the recon plt. we pulled a number of tdy's on the "Z" in relief of the 9th Cav. squadrons.

Jesus, I've really gotten carried away with this, when my reason for writing was simply to say congratulations and I know how proud you are to have been an Imjin Scout.

Keep up the good work,
Tom Culbertson, Recon. Plt. 2/12 Cav. '61-'62

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posted on: Fri Aug 30 09:35:49 EDT 2002

UNIT ASSIGNED: 5/38th Artillery
TIME SERVED: 1966-1970

I was in Korea from May 1967 until June 1968. My assigned unit was 5/38 Arty, but from Jul 67 to Oct 68 I was the artillery liaison officer to 3rd Brigade and later 1/38 Inf. While there I earned the DMZ Imjim Scout badge for twenty or more operational missions in the Zone. I was involved in both the attack on the engineer compound and the pursuit of the attackers and the mining of the road to GP Barbara the next day. The first day caused me to turn my .45 in for an M-14, for which I aquired both a selector switch and a muzzle compensator.

After returning to my battalion, I was sent back to ACTA to the DMZ school there. I went to the school wearing my DMZ Imjim Scout badge - which caused a comment from Major Donnley (sp?), MoH, the school commandant.
Great site.

Gene Moser
1LT, Arty
Steel Behind the Rock, Sir!

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