Axe-wielding Murder at Panmunjom
Bridging the Imjin
US Army Corps of Engineers Report
Cold War Recognition Certificate
Exercising American Internationalism
US-North Korean Relations
During the Bush Administration

By Oh Il-whan
Fighting Brush Fires on Korea's DMZ
by Richard K. Kolb
The Forgotten DMZ, by Vandon E. Jenerette
History of Imjin Scout by Stuart Jamison
It's Korea, and G.I.'s Sleep With Their Boots On
On the DMZ in 2003, a NY Times Story
Korea Herald Newspaper Article, January 26, 1968
Korean Prostitution and American Military Crimes
Are we guilty as charged?
Korean Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) 1966
Lineage of the 2/9th Infantry Regiment
Mission: Stop Infiltration Along DMZ -- Korea
US Army Command Information Unit
Photo Feature, April 22, 1969
North Korean Psyops Pamphlet
Map of Panmunjom used during Operation Paul Bunyan

Pacific Stars and Stripes
January 26, 1968
ROK Replaces US Army Along N. Korean Border
a 1991 Stars and Stripes article
submitted by John King
Scenes from an Unfinished War: Low-Intensity Conflict in Korea, 1966-1969, by Major Daniel P. Bolger
Second Infantry Division Regulation 672-3
Stars & Stripes Article on DMZ Ambush
Stars & Stripes Article on Imjin Scout
Text of the Korean Armistice
Troops on the DMZ by John B. Ritch III
a 1970 article from the Atlantic Monthly
Pacific Stars and Stripes
Orientation Edition
Winter 1970