Gary Chesser 1969-1970 Korea Collection

Stars and Stripes Pacific Articles
These April 25 and April 30, 1968 Stars and Stripes Articles
provided by Joe Herber describe the situation on the DMZ in 1968

North Korean Tunnels Document
This 1978 reference document
provided by Robert Ybright
describes the North Korean Tunnels

Jim Skiff
Korea DMZ Photo Gallery
Fifty DMZ pictures of 1st Battalion/23rd Infantry

Louis Konc
Korea DMZ Photo Gallery
Awesome pics of Co A, 2/38th!

2nd Infantry Division
DMZ Counterinsurgency Lessons Learned

Don Lopez goes to Columbus
A visit with Don Nye

Ronald Whitaker Photo Album
Pictures from 1966/1967

2nd Infantry Division Association
Letter from LTG Woodall

Bob Keprta ACTA Collection
Submitted by Bob Keprta
Advanced Combat Training Academy, Camp Sitman

Patrick Crawley Collection
Submitted by Patrick Crawley, 2/9th Infantry

Ralph Esposito Collection
Submitted by Ralph Esposito, 2/9th Infantry

Suspect Imjin Scout Patches
Submitted by Don Lopez

DMZ Vets Reunion
Arlington, VA
November 9-12, 2006
Submitted by 1LT Ken Leighty

Google Earth Image of Imjin River
Submitted by Don Lopez

Update to Korean Photo Collection
by Eliyahu Rooff

August 1, 2005 2ID Indianhead

2005 DMZ Reunion
Pendleton, Oregon
Photography by Aves Thompson

Aves Thompson Return to Korea
Takes a few minutes to download
Photography by Aves Thompson

2005 DMZ Reunion
Pendleton, Oregon
Photography by Don Lopez

1/31st Infantry Regiment
Photo Collection
by Doughboy Bellmore

1/31st Infantry Regiment, Pro Patria
A Slide Show with audio
Contributed by Doughboy Bellmore
Patience, it takes a few minutes to load...

Two Old Imjin Scouts Meet Up in
Hot 'Lanta for Kimchee and Rice

Imjin Scout Painting
Presented by Terry Lewis

Axe-wielding Murder
at Panmunjom
Work in Progress
First 47 pages available

Stars & Stripes Articles on
the Camp Liberty Bell Attack
Submitted by Bob Monahan
Company C, 76th Engineers

Terry Lewis, 2/72nd Armor
Photo Collection

Sendoff for the Idaho
National Guard
Submitted by Don Lopez

2/9th Infantry Photo Album
Submitted by Don Lopez, Co A 2/9th Inf

History of the 17th Infantry Regiment
Submitted by William Beaver, 2/17th 7ID

Support Our Troops
A tribute to our troops

Preface to William Roskey's

Imjin Scouts meet in Pocatello

History of Second Infantry Division's
Nickname and Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Advanced Combat Training Academy (ACTA)
Completion Certificate
December 23, 1967
Submitted by John L. Granacki
American Forces Korea Network (AFKN)
Shoulder Patch

April 13, 2004
Submitted by Jeremy Kirk,
Stars and Stripes Correspondent
North Korean Psyops Flyer
Submitted by David LaForest
Update on Korean Defense Service Medal
Submitted by Mario Rabello
Update on the Korea Defense Service Medal (KDSM)
Chilling account of violence at JSA
By Stan Suit
Pictures of OP Dort by LT Skiff
More Pictures from SSG Chuck Groff
Co A, 2/9th (Manchu)
AFKN Radio Tomahawk Top Thirty
from Allan Winters
Contempory Professional Photos of the Korean DMZ
by Michael Slee and Stan Eng
DMZ Christmas Card
submitted by Stanley Surber
July issue of National Geographic Magazine
Cover Story on Korean DMZ
AFKN Alumni Pages Update
A Memorial Day wish
from Thomas Ridenour
From whence we came...
Story of 1st Prov DMZ Police Co,
w/new photo album.
Army Echoes
Article on Agent Orange
VA Benefits
Army Echoes
Update Article on the KDSM
Updated Mike Plowman
Photo Album
Chuck Groff
Photo Album
Korean Foundation Myth
Submitted by
Henry Buyny
Korean DMZ Memorabilia Collection
Chuck Groff
Return to the Frozen Chosun
Korean Travelogue 2003
By George Bratina
F*#*#*E&# the French
Korean Defense Service Medal (KDSM)

with new audio
(patience while it loads...)