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ABOUT ABOUT provides general information about the origin and purpose of the site.

CONTRIBUTIONS CONTRIBUTIONS is a catalog of individual contributions to the site. The continued growth of the site depends on reader participation.

DOCUMENTS DOCUMENTS is a collection of original documents of historical relevance to the Imjin Scout.

DMZ TOPICS DMZ TOPICS is a collection of subjects related to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Here are the topics currently covered:

DMZ Incidents
DMZ Units
Barrier Fence
Observation Post

GUESTBOOK GUESTBOOK is an online visitor guestbook that allows visitors to post entries. Messages can be read in chronological order and advanced search capability allows for retrieval of messages by unit name. String searches are also supported.

IMJIN SCOUT IMJIN SCOUT contains notes and other material on the origin and history of the Imjin Scout. It contains such things as the origin of the Imjin Scout program by the Second Infantry Division, a history of the Advanced Combat Training Academy (ACTA), as well as criteria for the award of the Imjin Scout Certificate and uniform insignia.

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